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About Deb Kaiwi


I am Deb Kaiwi,

I come from an ocean ferrying family as My kupuna migrated from Tahiti to Maui.

My father and brother would dive for fish while my mother and I gathered limu to share with our family and community.

As a family We depended upon the ocean and sea to sustain us.

Today, the limu beds are nearly extinct in areas that we frequented and the fish has diminished considerably and our dependence of shipped items have grown immensely.

As a single parent, My children and I were a paddling family.

The ocean has taught us many life lessons:





NEVER GIVE UP! These characteristics describe who we have become.

As young adults these attributes have afforded my children to raise their families here on Maui, a place we are honored to call home for 7 generations.

Today, I am giving back to my community that assisted me and my family at a pivotal moment in our lives.

I am currently a volunteer at

Hospice Maui,

a secretary/director for my homeowner’s association,

And an elected chair for my union, HGEA Unit 13 and appointed as chair for the Education And Training Committee.

My Kuleana as your Council member is to malama Ke ao nei.

We MUST be aware of what we put into our aina because it will affect our ocean, sea and reef life.

Land Injection wells spewing out unacceptable levels of toxicity that is killing our reefs, is irresponsible!

I acknowledge the relentless hours that Earth Justice and their team put toward fighting to retain the Clean Water Act for Maui. Our future generations will inherit a better, cleaner, water system because of your efforts. Mahalo Earth Justice!

I also take upon the Kuleana to malama our Community by Creating a continuum of care to assure that:




PHYSICAL needs for ALL are met.

We are at a pivotal time in our lives where WE can create a new economy

I DEB KAIWI strongly solicit your support and endorsement as your elected Kahului Council Member because I would rather have the support of my grassroots community than make a back room deal with the corporate structure.

I earned a Master Degree in Social Work from the UH in 1982, served Maui County for 36 years as both a Probation Officer and Behavioral Health Specialist and maintained an open door policy to this day while providing a safe place for all students and their parents at King Kekaulike High School.

I serve students who have social, emotional, and/or mental health challenges.


Accountability and

Inclusive participation Is what I will bring to our Maui communities.

I am DEB KAIWI and I ask for the opportunity to earn your TRUST.

Please VOTE! Together, WE WILL huli the system because There is no I in team!

I would be honored if you’d send a modest donation to PO Box 53 Kahului 96733, That will be used frugally. Please join the Friends of Deb Kaiwi.

Please Join The Friends of Deb Kaiwi!



I look forward to serving my constituents by focusing on the following areas of concern:

  • Affordable Housing: On Maui, $100 is valued only at $84.18. It costs roughly $31,137 per year to cover a person's necessary living expense. However, the average salary (per capita) for someone working full time here is approximately $31,612. This leaves a mere $474 of disposable income. Now is the time address basic income and affordable housing, and improved economic opportunities such as technology, agriculture and alternative energy.
  • Sustainability: Maui has the opportunity to lead the rest of our state and nation by becoming less dependent on fossil fuel, utilizing our water resources more efficiently, bring balance to our wet and dry lands, plant and raise food that will sustain our population, create a thriving community without compromising the ability of our future generations to meet their own needs.
  • Homelessness: The most effective way to address this growing concern is to: collaborate with state and private sectors and get the homeless off the streets, provide social and medical services, offer employment and/or training to promote self-reliance.
  • Democracy: Maui deserves someone who is grounded in its culture, maintains an open door policy, has the courage to voice community concerns, values collaboration and partnerships, focuses on "win win" solutions, is honest, accountable, approachable, balanced, practical, transparent, and magnifies Service over Self.

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Tuesday, Nov. 3
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